2013 Annual Show, How to make it better!

  • Hi Everyone.

    While the 2012 OPAS Annual Show & Sale is still fresh in our minds, I would like input from all of our members on what you want out of an annual show and how might we achieve your goals.

    A little history.

    We've hosted the annual show in the JEH MacDonald House for the last three years for a number of reasons.

    1. The space is large enough to allow 20 or more members to exhibit a selection of work.
    2. The space is very inexpensive. $155 for the week
    3. The house "speaks" to plein air artists as it was the home of JEH MacDonald, one of the original Group of Seven.
    4. We get walk-in traffic from the Thornhill Village Festival.
    5. The House is in Thornhill, which is geographically near the centre of our members locations, and also in the middle of the GTA.

    There are however, a few points against hosting our annual show there.

    1. There is almost no walk-in traffic other than the people who come from the Festival on Saturday.
    2. It's difficult to find the House at the best of times, and you cannot park near it during the Festival.
    3. We're forced to hold it on a date set by the Thornhill Festival, which may or may not be the best date for sales.
    4. It's in the GTA, which means it's difficult for members from outlying areas to participate.

    It would be helpful to know your thoughts on the Annual Show.

    1. Do you care if we have an annual show? In a scale of one (not) to ten (hugely important) how much do you care.
    2. Are you interested in selling your work at the show, or you're just happy to have it hang and be seen by a large audience? One (I don't care about sales) to ten (I must sell or it's not worth it at all).
    3. How important is it that you can show a number of your pieces? Score one (I don't care) to ten (The number of pieces is very important to me).
    4. How many pieces would you like to show?
    5. How few pieces are you willing to show? (In other words, how few pieces could you hang and it still be worth the trouble of showing?)
    6. How important is the historical connection the venue has with the Group of Seven? Score from one to ten.
    7. Where would you like the show to be held? Give us either a general location, or a specific location.
    8. Do you want three shows, an eastern, central and south west show?
    9. When would you like the show to be held?
    10. Do you have any other input to share regarding the Annual Show?
    11. Are you willing and able to lend a hand in organizing next year's show? 

    There are over 90 OPAS members. You all have a say, and we need input from as many of you as possible, so please post your ideas. Even if you are only posting to say, "I agree with So-and-so".


    Keith Thirgood

  • Edward Abela
    Edward Abela I agree with Kathy regarding our options. I think the commission on sales is not necessary a bad thing since it gives the gallery an incentive to produce sales (hopefully). It is probably going to depend on two main factors; will we have enough artists to...  more
    December 24, 2012
  • Nancy Jones
    Nancy Jones The Twist Gallery is hosting Steven Rose's art show.  He is a contemporary artists - abstract,texture.  The question of importance for me- what is the mandate for the different galleries?  What type of artwork does the gallery normally showcase?  What art...  more
    December 24, 2012
  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood Twist is a rather new gallery space and has, to my knowledge, only shown very contemporary art so far. The owner is young and claims to be trying to take the "stuffiness" out of art. Hang Man has been around longer and, looking at the art they show in the...  more
    December 24, 2012
  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood Does anyone know anything about Gallery 1313, located at, 1313 Queen Street West?
    We're actively looking into both Twist and Hang Man galleries, however, having a third possible space will not hurt.
    January 5, 2013