Deal on canvases

  • OPAS member Ron Murdoch (Owner of Northern Art Supplies, Huntsville) has an offer for OPAS members. He is overstocked with high quality 8x10 canvases. (These are double-primed, 12 oz, Canadian-made stretched canvases. If you check, almost all canvases at Curry's and other art stores are only 7 oz.)

    Retail on these is $6.95. Ron is offering them to OPAS members, in bulk quantities, for $3 each.

    He'll sell you bundles of 25, 50 or 100 canvases.

    To find out more, directly contact Janine Marson, manager of Northern Art Supplies, at <>

    OPAS does not warranty this offer. We are posting it on behalf of our member.