Capital One Art Show Opportunity

  • As you will have read in my message to you as a members, we have an opportunity to have an exhibition of the best of OPAS art in the Capital One Canadian Head Office in North York. Here's what I said in the message:

    Art Show Opportunity

    Your Board of Directors of OPAS have been in talks with Capital One, the credit card people. They have an Art Program they are bringing to Canada and OPAS has been invited to be a part of it.

    Capital One gives various art groups and universities the opportunity to hang art in the Capital One offices. They are now doing this in their North York office.

    This is not a public art display, other than by visitors to the offices. The art will be mostly seen by the employees of Capital One. The opportunity is for you, as a member, to display your work, not sell it. (Although the work can be priced and if an employee is interested, they will know to approach the artist directly. No commission is charged on such sales.)

    The exhibition runs for 4-months. Capital One hosts a reception where the artists meet the employees and then tour all of the exhibitions. (Each floor has its own exhibition, 5-6 in total.)

    The exhibitions run August – November, December – March, April – July. In order to be part of the August–November exhibition, Capital One needs our answer by the end of May, end of June for December and end of July for April.

    Logistically, an organisation called Museum Pros picks up, delivers and hangs the art. They insure it during transport and Capital One insures it onsite. We would likely choose a central location for people to send their art for Museum Pros' to pick up.
    Each exhibition has room for 15 to 18 pieces, assuming 20x30 outside dimensions. Considering that most plein air work is considerably smaller, we would likely be able to display more than this.

    OPAS would be responsible for jurying the art. (Personally, I think that this exhibition would have to be juried rather than first come first served, as there are so few pieces and they all need to be good if OPAS is to make any kind of impression.)

    There is no cost to members to be a part of this.

    There will be room for 18 to 20 pieces, assuming that most of your art is on the smaller side. That means 18 to 20 members get the chance to be a part of this.
    What I need from you, asap, is answers to two questions:
    1. Do you think this is a good idea?
    2. Are you willing to enter a painting or two for jurying?
    I look forward to hearing from everyone who is interested.
    Keith Thirgood
  • Birte Hella
    Birte Hella I'm in, just keep me informed, as to dates, please.

    We do what we can afford: ideally:
    ...  more
    May 14, 2013
  • Dalibor Dejanovic
    Dalibor Dejanovic Hi,
    I am interested in showing my work.
    Thanks Keith
    May 15, 2013
  • John Christie
    John Christie I am interested. It would depend on the dates though.
    May 15, 2013
  • Joshua Varda
    Joshua Varda 1) Yes
    2) Yes
    May 17, 2013