Building a Wilson Street Studio Plein Air Easel

  • A number of artists have asked us where we got our special, plein air easel set up.

    When I tell them that I built it, they all want to see plans. To respond to all those requests, I've put together a PDF, which goes through all the steps of building your own Wilson Street Studio plein air field easel.

    This easel requires some basic woodworking and metalworking skills, however, nothing advanced.
    You need to be able to measure, saw wood and metal, drill, file and glue with epoxy. The most complicated thing is tapping threads.

    This easel works for both oil and acrylic set ups. The instructions are for the acrylic set up. To modify the set up for oil, you don't bother to use the magnets, as your palette will not be metal, and you adjust the length of the hold-down clip to suit your preferred palette.

    Also, you need to adjust the large opening in the brush and cleaner flap to fit whatever liquid holder you use.

    Click here to download a PDF (2 MB) that has complete instructions to build this set up.

    Click here to download a PDF that shows the oil solvent cup holder modification.

    Originally published in the Wilson Street Studio blog.

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  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood If you like to work with a more traditional pochade, Zan's box is quite nice.
    June 2, 2014