• I just came back from a business trip in Asia. It was my first time in China and Korea. The weather was lousy, wet, cold and bleak almost every single day. I brought my plein air pack and I hardly got to use it. Regardless it was an awesome trip, made new friends, got to see an amazing part of this planet Earth and most of all I had plenty terrific food. Food! Ahhhh, they can cook well. When I had some free time and it was not freezing I would try to go out and paint.

    Purple Mt. is smack in the middle of Nanjing. There were many pagodas and gates that are part of the Buddhist temple I visited. Cold, foggy and wet.

    Waiting for my flight to Shanghai. I carried my little portable pastel sketchbox. I love it, you can never be bored with it.

    In Shanghai, 15min till boarding, rush rush to finish the painting.

     The hotel room in Seoul had a great view. This is not surprising since Seoul is full of mountains that surround the city. It was cool to sit in a sofa, comfy and warm sketching away.

    I took the opportunity to paint the same view in different light settings. I'd like to do more of this exercises.

    Early morning. Since I used my limited pallet sketchbox, I was more concerned with values and temperature. Often I did not have the colours I wanted.

    Sunset in Seoul, hope to be back agin one day....

  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood Hi Dalibor,
    Welcome back. I look forward to seeing more sketches.
    March 23, 2012
  • Jane Boyd
    Jane Boyd These sketches are a lovely and your pastel sketch box is very clever.
    March 24, 2012