Adriatic Seacoast Part 1

  • I just returned from visiting Adriatic seacoast in Croatia. If you haven't been and are planing to go to Europe this is the place to visit. The famous impressionist painter Edgar Payne once painted there, especially the brightly coloured sardine fishing boats.
    I spent nine days on Island Vis. This island used to be a navy base and was restricted for tourists. Now it is becoming know for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, caves, old Venetian fortifications and towers, ancient hellenic walls, and how could I forget, amazing local wines. 
    I painted casually, while taking a break from swimming, siting at an espresso bar, or during a spontaneous stops while hiking.. There is not better way for painter to spend a vacation, right?
    "Island Vis: Grandovac beach"
    "Island Vis: Luka"
    I took with me my small pastel set and bigger full plein air set too. Out of practicality and ease I used the small set more often. This limited me in terms of color range, only 100 sticks, but it gave me opportunity to paint more often because I could cary the set anywhere. The size of paper was on the small side, 8x5in. I am building a new portable set that is slightly bigger and will cary more pastels, between 160-180. I will post about it when it is finished.
     "Svitnja beach"
  • Dalibor Dejanovic
    Dalibor Dejanovic Sounds like a great experience Helen! Maybe it is good time for the repeat, with brushs and paints in hand ;)
    July 31, 2012
  • Doug Mays
    Doug Mays Bravo Dado, this trip sounds amazing. Plus, your work is of the highest quality. I wish you painted in watercolour as our National Society - The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour would love to have you on board.
    August 6, 2012
  • Barbara Scherzinger
    Barbara Scherzinger Dalibor,
    These are wonderful, little jewels!  I use pastels as well and wonder how you make your selection of colours for your small kit.  I'm new to landscape painting and am still trying to figure out what to take with me on outings.  Also what easel do...  more
    August 12, 2012