Annual show at JEH MacDonald

  • Great times people! It was awesome to see familiar faces and meet new artist at our annual show.

    We had tons of viewers come by on Saturday to check out the artwork displayed and to vote for the plein air challenge.

    Here are some pictures from that day. Thanks to Ingrid who took them!

    We had ten artist join in the challenge, in only a couple of hours everyone had their paintings finished and up on the easels ready for publics' admiration.

    The third place went to John Christy, he did a beautiful watercolor of JEH MacDonald house.

    Second place went to this good looking face (on the right) for pastel of "Old Jane Street".

    First place went to (not surprisingly) our talented Perry Chow for an exquisite watercolour of the Yonge St during the parade. Here is that winning pose, showing us all how it is done :)

    People's Choice was awarded to our new OPAS member, Amy. Watch out everyone, this was her first time plein air painting. Talk about talent!

    This show would not happen if there was not for one dedicated artist amongst us. Maria Ivanova did an amazing job at running the show.

    Ingrid had not only time to knock out thees two gorgeous watercolors for the paint challenge, but she also handed out over 400 flyers. Thanks to her we had an overwhelming response for the Paint Challenge.

    Thank you again to all of you who participated, helped and supported us!

  • John Christie
    John Christie I had a fantastic time too.  I would guess that about 400 people came through the show and there was a lot of very positive feedback from them.  It is always fun spending a day hanging out with other artists and OPAS artists are the best.
    The new member w...  more
    September 22, 2012
  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood Congratulations to Maria for another fantastic job of running our annual show.
    Folks, she needs way more help next year. Maria did almost all of the hard work leading up to the event. The volunteers who helped on the day were great, but she needs the supp...  more
    September 25, 2012