Where did you paint out this summer?

  • Where did you like to paint this summer....a group of us have met up each Sunday Morning,

    The Dominion Seed Park, Georgetown has lovely lakes not visible from the Street

    Sheila Law Park - river view at Glen Williams

    Park at Limehouse that takes you down to the old Lime ruins

    Scottsdale Park

    Not to mention the Carter's Farm paint out that most of us attended!

    Let me know where you painted out

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  • Thomas Faires
    Thomas Faires I've finally been able to set aside some time to paint.
    Scarborough Bluffs - one of my favourite places to paint.
    Rouge River Old Finch Meander Area - a hidden gem in Toronto, north of the Zoo. I've been there twice this fall. No washrooms, so it can ...  more
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