My "A Brush with the Highlands" experience

  • In a word "Wow!"

    I told a number of people that I learned more about myself and my art in three days in Wilberforce than in three years of lessons.  Painting alone in isolation or even with the same group of painters all the time is limiting.  Seeing my paintings hanging in the show with all the great artists that were showing gave me some context.  Talking to them I realized that if I expect to get good I will have to take my art more seriously and work at it.  I felt a bit like a once a week golfer in a pro tournament but I now know what I have to do and that I can do it.  

    Add to the lessons learned the wonderful wonderful people, great food, fun times and awesome painting locations. I have been home for three days and I am still on a high.  I was painting with some of my idols and I was treated like an equal.  I can't believe that paint outs get any better than this.

    Thank you Tracey for a weekend that I will not soon come down from.