Painting at the RBG

  • John Mullenger and I got together to paint at the RBG again this week.  Our plan is to get out at least once a week all winter and so far we have managed about five weeks in a row and some weeks more than once. 

    When we got arrived at 10:00 it was just above freezing but the sun was warm and by the time we hiked down to the shore and found good painting spots we were toasty warm. By the time we left it was up to 8 degrees C and very warm in the sun.

    The sun was causing this willow and the reeds to just glow but I lost it. I need to rethink my palette. Burnt Sienna and Cobalt blue make wonderful mud colour but are too muddy for the background. This is another painting that I am not overjoyed with but there are some parts that I like and it was another glorious day to be outside painting.

    The bay were the willow is was all mud with a few puddles but straight out from shore there was water with a thin crust of ice on it. Two paddlers in two canoes were taking advantage of the low water levels to attempt to herd some Koi to chase them out of Coote's Paradise. They had to break through the ice for about 50 feet to get to open water.