Unionville Plein Air Challenge, October 7, 2012

Event Details

  • OPAS has again partnered with the Unionville BIA and the Markham Arts Council to present an OPAS Plein Air Challenge in the historic streets and woods of Unionville, Ontario.

    At our two Unionville Challenges this summer, we've attracted over 30 artists, lots of admirers and sold some art. October 7, let's do better. Invite your family, friends and fellow artists to come out Sunday morning for this fun event.

    How the day will go.

    1. Registration begins at 10:15 am on the front patio of the Varley Art Gallery in Unionville. Link to Google map above.

    2. After signing in, artists will have the back of their painting surface signed as "official" entries.

    3. Non-members pay $10 to participate, OPAS members participate for free.

    4. Artists receive a identifying poster to hang on their easel as they paint.

    4. Artists must paint within a set geographic boundary, determined by the local host.

    5. Artists can check out the area beforehand, however, they may not work from preliminary sketches nor photo references. All work has to be done in the 3-hour timeframe.

    6. At 10:30 am, all artists set out to begin painting. You have three hours to complete your masterpiece.

    7. At 1:30 pm artists return to the registration area, frame their paintings, fill out a label with their name, the title of the painting and a price for it. (Remember to bring a suitable frame.)

    8. By 1:45 pm, all paintings must be set up for judging and display. The "official" judges begin judging at 1:45 as do the public for the Peoples' Choice Award.

    9. At 2:30 pm, awards ( 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25 & Peoples' Choice TBA.) will be handed out and any sales made.

    10. Artists are encouraged to keep their work up for a little while after the judging, to allow the public more time to see them, and perhaps buy. OPAS takes 25% commission on all sales.

  • Date
    6:15 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Where
    Varley Art Gallery, Unionville Main Street Unionville Map
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