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Show next week. Please read (IMPORTANT)

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    November 4, 2010 8:08 PM EDT
    This text was also sent by email to all show participants:


    It has been some time since we did the call to artists and I thought it would be a good time now to go over a few process

    items for the show.

    1- We will be bold"">hanging the show individually on bold"">Wednesday November 10 between 2pm and 8pm. We have a limited number of hanging clips so please use only ONE clip for small to medium works. We have

    an improvised alternative to the clips if we run out.

    2- The show starts on Thursday November 11 with a private event for your invited guests. 6pm-10pm

    3- Opening night is Friday November 12 from 6pm-9pm

    4- Saturday we are open 10am-8pm

    5- Sunday we are open 10am-5pm

    6- Pickup and/or delivery of sold works can take place after the opening night and
    all day Saturday and Sunday
    . I have asked for and received a lot of advice
    about this matter from artists in OPAS, elsewhere and gallery owners. While we
    don’t want to inconvenience any buyers, we have to insist that the show remain
    intact until the opening night is over. After that, we encourage buyers to
    leave the artwork in the show until the end, but will allow them to take the
    art if they prefer and if the artist agrees. So pick up and delivery can start
    Friday night AFTER the opening;
    all day Saturday and all day Sunday. We encourage you to bring extra works if
    you can to replace the works sold so we don’t have empty walls. Under no circumstance can we have empty walls duringthe opening on Friday. So works
    sold on Thursday will have to stay on the wall
    . I know I am
    belabouring the point a bit, but this is our first show and we need to give
    people a sense of who we are as a society and our best work should not
    disappear before the opening night is over
     In all cases, bring extra work just in case please.

    7- Take down and clean up will be at 5pm
    on Sunday
    . No works can stay after
    . We have to return the keys and vacate the premises.

    8- Sales will be handled by the artist if present or by OPAS on your behalf if you are not available at the time of sale.
    We have the use of a credit card machine and can accept cash, cheques and
    credit cards.

    All sales must be recorded on the sales sheet provided.

    We will have blank receipts for your convenience.

    If your sale is in cash, please remit 20% to OPAS.

    If your sale is in the form of a cheque, please send OPAS 20% when the cheque clears.

    If your sale is on our credit card machine, we will remit the funds less 20% to you when the funds clear. If you wish to collect taxes, you should have your tax
    number available.

    For sales that have to remain on the wall (Sold before the opening), we expect 50% deposit or full payment to hold the artwork and place a red dot on it.

    Pricing is a sensitive issue of course and each artist will need to stay true to their set prices and gallery agreements. As
    an example, I sell my 8x10 (standard plein air works) at $350. If I sell for
    less, my customers will be very upset with me. Some may sell their 8x10s at
    $800 or at $75. A far range like this will confuse the buyers and may result in
    fewer sales. As a standard we would like to suggest a minimum level for
    different sizes with additional rates over the minimum kept up to you.

    Here are the suggestions for minimums:


    8x10: $200.

    9x12: $275.

    10x12: $325.

    11x14: $375.

    12x16: $400.

    14x18: $425.


    18x24 :$500.

    As I said before, I will be selling my 8x10 at $350, so the above will not affect me. If you have any questions or need
    help pricing, please contact me or Dave for support. At the end it is your
    artwork so price as you wish. These are ONLY suggestions

    9- As part of supporting the JEH MacDonald house, we will have a silent auction on wet works that are donated with the proceeds
    going to the preservation society. You are not obliged to donate to this
    effort. Dave and I have committed one work each painted from the site. If you
    wish to add a work as a donation to the preservation society, please let us

    10- You are all welcome and encouraged to paint on site all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and

    Sunday especially would be great as visitors will be treated to members
    painting in the garden and then visit the show. If you wish, we could put a wet
    panel table in the show. Let me know.

    11- Please review the times you said you would be on site and please stay true to your commitments. If you have made a
    commitment to be present at a certain time please be there.

    12- We have received some RSVPs for snacks and cookies but not enough (So far I have 6 responses. We need much more
    please). Please make an effort to bring something on both Thursday and Friday
    evenings for our guests. We really don’t want empty tables do we?
     After all, a content
    guest is a buying one we hope

    Some suggestions:

    Cheese and bread slices or toasties

    Cookies (SOME)

    Veggie plate and dip

    Cake or pie

    Paper plates (SOME)

    Napkins (SOME)

    Disposable coffee cups


    Sugar substitutes (SOME)



    Water (SOME)

    I will bring coffee and cream but extra cream would be helpful

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    November 4, 2010 11:08 PM EDT
    If you tweet, please tweet this: One week to go to the Ontario Plein Air Society Art Show at the JEH MacDonald House 120 works on display also follow O_P_A_S
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    November 10, 2010 10:17 AM EST
    A few questions have come up regarding distributing personal brochures, commercial offerings and other unrelated material at the show this week. This email is to re-iterate some already addressed general guide-lines that we had hoped were clear. As you know, we have tried hard to brand the show consistently and have gone so far as to ask you to use show branded bio sheets instead of your personal branded brochures at the show.

    The purpose of this effort is to deliver a balanced even handed and focused show where all members stand at the same level and the attention of all visitors is focused on the works on display and their hopeful purchase. We are trying hard to avoid a bazaar approach to the show.

    We recognize that many of our members run their own galleries, studios and have commercial efforts including workshops and classes that they give. We kindly ask you to consider that this is not the venue to advertise these efforts. You are welcome to staple any of your personal publications to the back of your works so that people who buy your work can know you better, we insist that the only circulating publications in the show will be the branded Bios and your business cards if you wish.

    Thank you for your understanding.