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How should OPAS be run? (Moved from a different discussion)

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    October 18, 2013 1:09 PM EDT

    In discussion with Zan and others, we have all agreed that this discussion should be done at the Board level, and that the old discussion should be deleted. Your Board is going to discuss the viability and need for the following:

    1 How OPAS will handle commercial sponsorships, endorsed events or advertisements where commercial is meant as an individual, company or corporation that is formed for profit.

    2. How do we treat museums and galleries such as the McMichael, cities, townships, tourism or better business bureaus or other art organizations and art events that want to cooperate with OPAS in planning or executing an event?

    3. If we do accept endorsed events, products, partnerships, etc? Do we set limits to the exposure they receive, either through specific time periods, time percentages, shared exposure or through some other method? Our goal will be to determine what is reasonable exposure through OPAS.

    4. Do we continue to allow members to post forum or blog posts about their personal events that are for profit or are run by outside entities? We will continue to allow members to list their non-profit events in the Member Area.

    5. Do we continue to run separate Member Event and OPAS Event areas, or do we put all eligible events in the OPAS Event area and eliminate the Member Event area?

    After the Board has discussed these topics and reached their recommendations, we will send the Board's recommendations to the full membership by direct messaging or some other private means for them to vote on. 

    If members want to send comments or suggestions to the Board for us to consider in our deliberations, please send them directly to and your e-mail will be forwarded in full to the Board.

    This discussion is not open for comments, so please e-mail your comments to the address above.


    Keith Thirgood