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OPAS Annual Show Opening Reception Photos

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    November 3, 2013 11:50 AM EST

    Four paintings were sold during the week and more were sold during opening day. It was a good start to our three-week show.

    If you haven't made it down yet, try not to miss it, it's a good show.

    Here are some shots from the show:

    Before people begin to arrive.

    The crowd starts to arrive.

    On the left that's me, then OPAS member and our juror for the day, Don Cavin and on the right Zan Barrage, Founder of OPAS.

    These are my paintings.

    Here's Ioana Bertrand with her Honourable Mention certificate. The vertical painting was the winner.

    Janet Figuera receiving her 3rd place certificate.

    Dalibor Dejanovic accepting his 2nd place certificate.

    Helen Walter looking very surprised at winning the Barrage Award for Plein Air Excellence (Best in show).

    These are Helen's paintings. The one on the upper right is the prize winner.

    Zan congratulating Helen upon winning the award named after him.

    Don Cavin talking with a couple of artists about art.

    All in all, it was a great party.

    If you have any shots from the opening reception, I'd love it if you would add them in comments here.

    Keith Thirgood
    President, OPAS

  • November 3, 2013 1:51 PM EST

    Congrats to Keith and the organising committee on a wonderful and well done show! 

  • November 3, 2013 3:01 PM EST

    This was/is the best show so far for OPAS. You guys really did a great job and the proof is in the sales on the first day. Also I want to note that the quality of the works presented was amazing. There were two reporters that could not believe that this was not a juried show.

    Congratulations to all the winners and on a personal note I am humbled by OPAS naming an award in my name. Of course that means I can never win it :) seriously you made my family who were present in the show so proud and I want to thank you for  that from the bottom of my heart. 

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    November 3, 2013 4:00 PM EST

    Speaking of sales. So far we have sold 7 paintings. One of Martha Laverty Allan's, One of Leslie Miles', Three of Jane Boyd's and Two of mine. And there's still 14 days to go.

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    November 3, 2013 5:42 PM EST
    It was indeed impressive. Everyone involved should be very proud, especially Zan and Keith.