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Arte, Cucina, Cultura

  • April 20, 2015 4:46 PM EDT

    Join Margaret Ferraro for 10 glorious days in Tuscany, followed by 3 days on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. Margaret is a well known art instructor. In her workshop, she will guide you to experience comfort and pleasure in your creativity. We'll focus on thumbnails, and composition. Create a visual journal of your travels, grow and improve your artistic skills. Formal classes, demos, daily critiques, and one on one guidance. 

    Our retreat is an organic farm in the middle of Tuscany, complete with many old stone buildings, vineyards, and their own Olive groves. We'll be painting there, and take day excursions to medieval towns, the beach, fabulous sculpture and plant gardens, and large deep vistas to paint. 

    Our 3 days on the Amalfi Coast include a day at Pompeii, and the spectacular scenery of mountains meeting the Mediterranean. 

    Eat amazing and delicious food, while tasting wine made right at our retreat. Enjoy the company of other artists and the stimulation of watching everything created by other artists as well as your own. Laughter and encouragement follow us as we travel the world. 

    2495 Euros, inclusive, double occupancy

    For more information, please contact Margaret at 613 839-5241,