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Guidelines for Using the Critique Section

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    March 26, 2012 1:46 AM EDT

    Please read this before posting or commenting.

    This section is where all members can safely post paintings on which they want to get feedback from other members. Only members can post and comment.


    Be civil. If you don't like the style or genre, saying so is not helpful.

    Focus on objective issues. Try to keep your comments to the effectiveness of the work posted, rather than totally subjective responses.

    Be of help. Although we won't object if you want to praise a painting, most members will be posting paintings which they are looking for help with.

    Don't be afraid of giving or taking criticism. Don't give praise without explaining what it is that works and don't point out the bad bits without first pointing out the good bits.

    Please post only plein air work for critique. (Plein air, for the purposes of OPAS, means a painting started out doors, on location. It can have a reasonable amount of finishing/correcting done in the studio. Around 25% maximum.)

    In order to post a painting, you first begin by clicking "Add", Give it a title, Then a description of what you are trying to achieve, then click the little blue icon that looks like a scene. It's the second icon (to the right of "LINK"): above the comment area screen. Do not use LINK or the icon that looks like a film strip.

    Have fun with this.