Membership Agreement

This legal document includes a release of liability. We apologise for the legalese but our lawyer says we have to say it this way. Please read it carefully before signing.


Images and photographs release.

For the purpose of communicating OPAS events and news and sharing examples of OPAS artists work, I hereby consent to my image as well as images of my work that I may post to the OPAS website, be used for promotional and other purposes by OPAS.


Injury and Medical release.

Plein air painting whether urban or rural, involves physical exertion and risk of injury and or medical emergency. One can face a range of accidents from a minor case of poison ivy to a broken limb due to a fall to the risk of heart attack due to fatigue and physical exertion. As a condition of participating in any OPAS activities I understand that all OPAS activities are voluntary and that I participate in them at my own risk.


As a condition of my participation in OPAS activities, I agree to waive all claims against OPAS and its members and indemnify and hold OPAS and its members, its officers, agents, volunteers, and employees, harmless from any and all liability, legal action, or claims.


I further acknowledge that OPAS is not obliged to verify my medical or physical fitness to undertake OPAS activities nor to require proof of insurance from its members or participants.