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  • Christopher Cape 406.4 mm x 406.4 mm Oil on Canvas (16" x 16") Painted summer 2019 along Yarmouth st  in shadow of the Park Mall Apartments. It was early. Cars whizzing by I set up around 8:30 am. I'm sure commuters thought I was surveying. They were right. The morning light shoots up Mac Donnell street and flies up the face of the bascillica burning off the night's dew.  There was a reason they built there.
    Jul 23

  • Amanda Farquharson Hello everyone! I am a fairly recent plein air painter although I have been a professional artist for years now. I only picked up gouache and oil paints in the last year and am still working out some of the kinks after many years doing botanical watercolours. I am planning to attend the Brant Plein Air event in September and I hope to be able to meet some of you there! I live in Dundas/Hamilton, and would love if any local plein air painters wanted to join me to paint sometimes. 
    Jun 25