Bylaw Covering Endorsed Events

9.0 Commercial Affiliations

9.1 OPAS will endorse businesses (including member-run businesses) that that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Give a significant general discount to members (not regularly available to the public) on items or events purchased from their businesses.
  2. Sponsor a significant event on behalf of OPAS.

9.1.1  Individual members may promote their classes, retreats, workshops, supplies, etc. through Forum announcements and Member Event postings without requiring endorsement. These announcements should be tasteful and without exaggeration.

9.1.2  The Board is the final arbiter of what an acceptable announcement, sponsorship offer or discount is to qualify for endorsement.

9.1.3 With regards to 9.1.2, the Board will be represented by the Chapter Chairs as well as the President. Decisions will be made by consensus.

9.1.4 Businesses, including member-owned businesses, that wish to run ads in the ad space at the bottom of the pages, pay $250 in exchange for three months advertising on our website. Such ads will only appear, in rotation, in the clearly marked area at the bottom of each page marked as ad space. (Unless there is an ad in it, it remains invisible.)

10.0 OPAS can at times sponsor or endorse events run by other organizations.

10.1 When OPAS is listed by the event organizers as a Sponsor, the event is listed in the OPAS Events section as a sponsored event.

10.2 When OPAS is listed as a Partner by the other organization, the event becomes an Endorsed event. Such an event might be labelled, as are our Challenges are. "OPAS Unionville Plein Air Challenge". Or "Brampton Arts Plein Air Challenge in co-operation with the Ontario Plein Air Society". We have to get significant exposure in order to give our endorsement to an event.

10.3 The President, representing the Board is the final arbiter of what an acceptable level of exposure is to qualify for endorsement.