Does Your Announcement Belong in Member Events?

Members can post announcements regarding events they are involved in. Member events must be posted in one of two places. The criteria are as follows:

Post in OPAS Events

  • Art shows the member is hosting.
  • Free, non-OPAS plein air event.
  • For-fee plein air event, if it's of obvious benefit to our members.

Post in Discusion Forum

    1. Members can promote their own classes, workshops, retreats and similar events that they give, run or host.

All announcements must be tasteful and without exaggeration.

If you wish to announce a for-fee event, and would like to have OPAS endorse it and promote it as an OPAS Endorsed Event, you must submit a complete description to the OPAS Board explaining why OPAS should endorse your event. Such events will be flaged as OPAS Endorsed and there may also be other promotion, depending upon the agreement reached with you or the organisers of the event.

If you wish to sell a product, supplies or other similar thing, please list it in the "Classified" secion.

Contact the president to submit an event.