Guide on How to Host a Paintout

Hosting a Paint Out is fun and not difficult. You don't have to be a long-standing member, or on the executive. You don't need a great organizer or even a great painter. It simply takes a few steps followed, as your role is to communicate and coordinate.

  1. At the basic level you choose a place, date and time  for your paint out.
  2. As a paint out, you create your entry in the OPAS Events area.
    Click on OPAS Events in the main menu
    Click on Create New Event
  3. Give the paint out a descriptive title and fill out all the steps in the online form
    Enter a brief description for the OPAS website. Make it appealing.
    It's important for you to enter a clear meeting place and time so that other members know where and when to show up.
  4. Depending upon where you decide to hold the paint out, you need to think about a few things
    If you want to paint on private property, contact any owners or managers of the property to get permission.
    Does your location have parking?
    Where are the nearest restrooms and coffee shop (always important) and gas station?
    If it's a controlled access space (park, gardens, etc.) what are the hours of access?
  5. Hosting a paint out doesn't need a great deal of advanced notice (although a week or two is great). If there's a break in the weather, and you know a great place, set it up even if your planned day is only a couple of days away.
  6. If you want, you can suggest that everyone gather for lunch part way through the day. You can even suggest an end of the day critique or even plan a pot luck social for afterwards. However, most paint-outs are very simple. Meet, paint and leave.

As the organizer, you should show up a little early and turn on your cell phone. Make up a sign on some cardboard so it's easy for members to find you when they arrive. During the day, take some pictures of the other's painting. And have fun!

If you want, when the day is over, post some pictures from the event and write up a comment of two about your day and post them in a new discussion page in the Member Events section, reporting on the event.
(The reason we suggest a new post in the Member Event area is the OPAS Event pages no longer show up once the event date has past.)