OPAS Discount Partners

Cury's Art Store all locations: Present your membership card, they will look it up in their book and give you a 10% discount.

DeSerres all locations: Our association is part of DeSerres' "Creative Professionals Zone"

To get our discount you have to tell them you are part of the Creative Professionals Zone and that it is listed with the first name "OPAS" and the last name "Member". and that our account number is 63607221838388685.

They decided that it would be better to have you give them that number than issuing us 140 cards.

I suggest you print out that number on a card size piece of paper and show that to them. 

The Art Supplies, 646 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill. Present your card.

North Arts Supplies: 6 West Street North, Huntsville. Present your card.

Gwartzman's Art Supplies, Downtown Toronto. Present your card.

More to come as we sign them up.